An experienced Jacksonville web design team knows that there is a lot that goes into the creation of a successful online business. Aside from producing an easy to navigate and informative site, there are many other aspects to consider. You must think about how you are going to outrank your competition without forking over thousands in paid advertisements. These strategies can help you to get the edge on your competition and ensure that both your customers and the search engines receive exactly what they desire.

Test Your Check Out Process

In order to run a successful eCommerce site, you need to ensure your clients can complete the checkout procedure from start to finish without confusion. It’s essential to run tests throughout the entire checkout process. This strategy allows you to see what areas need improvement.

Additionally, you can figure out exactly what types of buttons and words convince people to buy your products. You need to know if at any point the checkout process gets too confusing or stalls out. These checks will help to reduce the number of people that abandon their carts Remember, you are looking for any areas of difficulty or slow performance. This confusion can be one of the main reasons you are not seeing the results you hoped to achieve.

Mobile Optimization -Jacksonville Web Design

Nowadays, your webpage needs to be optimized for mobile platforms. Recent studies show that nearly half of all internet use comes from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Your customers crave mobile responsiveness and you need to provide them with this feature

Your website needs ta automatically adapt to devices like tablets and smartphones instantly. In the past, this strategy required a lot of extra developing. Luckily, today, that’s no longer the case. Most experienced Jacksonville website designers automatically configure your website for these platforms.

Jacksonville Web Design Tips

Jacksonville Web Design Tips

Mobile Advertising

Localization is a key point in the future of the internet. Since the internet has become so massive, certain keywords are now dominated by major tech firms. In order to get your medium-sized business to rank, you need to think locally. Geolocation and mobile-ready ads can provide your company with a personalized edge.

Imagine your customer receiving a push notification for a discount as they pass by your store. Geolocation-based advertising may seem futuristic but its already in major use globally. Have your Jacksonville website designer improve your results by creating a localized advertising strategy that directly targets mobile users in your region.

Target Wearables – Jacksonville Web Design

The future is wearable. Every day more firms release wearable technology like watches and smart glasses. These futuristic products allow you to promote your company via augmented reality. Your company can employ a number of awesome techniques in augmented reality.

For example, imagine your customers walk by your store window and automatically your prices and sales pop up on their smart glasses. You can even include links to the product’s marketing or development pages. In this manner, you give your customers an insider’s view of your product development. In turn, this approach adds value to your approach. Most importantly, you need to remember as technology increases, your company needs to adapt to remain competitive.

Hire a Content Creator for Huge Content Pieces

Nothing beats original and well-written content. While you may have the skills to put together a nice 500-word blog from time to time, you may find it necessary to create some long-form content. Long-form content is a nice way to stand out because it sets you apart from the competition and cements you as a valuable knowledge resource.

Long-form content takes time and requires skills to make engaging. Hiring a professional blogger for this leg of your journey is a smart investment. Then you can produce high-quality technical pieces that dive deep into relevant topics that your visitors are interested in.

eCommerce Social Media Ads – Jacksonville Web Design

You probably already know you need to hit your social media accounts hard, but were you aware that a large social media following can help you to gauge your marketing strategies’ effectiveness. Use social media to test sales and responses. Since you can enjoy unlimited posts, you can use these platforms to gauge the response levels to your products, sales, or branding.

Jacksonville Website Marketing

Jacksonville Website Marketing

Always be sure to keep track of how your clients respond. Then, take the best posts and roll them into major marketing campaigns. In this manner, you can test the waters prior to spending big bucks on your next promotional push.

Brand Yourself – Jacksonville Web Design

Branding yourself is another awesome way to bring your clients closer to your business. Customers love to feel welcomed, this is even truer when they feel as if they personally know the business owner. Knowing the owner makes you feel like you are getting the best possible deal available.

In your about us section, add another part to discuss the motivation behind your company development. Be sure to include personal tidbits and struggles that led you to your decision. Also, include your future goals and intentions. You can also use your hired content creators to keep with the overall feel of your website consistent. This uniformity helps to draw visitors in and builds trust in a major way.

Promote your Authors

Another strategy to consider is branding your authors. Many websites include a small picture of their content creators with a link to their social media. This little add on allows your users to confirm your staff’s experience level. Additionally, it helps to show your clients that you have put considerable effort into gathering skilled employees to further the usefulness of your site.

Another advantage of highlighting your talent is that they will often times help promote your webpage on their social media accounts. A good writer will probably have at least 1000 followers on their social media accounts. These followers could be your next clients after they hear you have hired one of their beloved content creators for your project.

Create a Fictitious Company Face – Jacksonville Web Design

Consider a fictitious company face. Companies such as Geico are masters at this strategy. Instead of utilizing a real person as your company face, try a cartoon or other imaginary figure. This maneuver allows you to brand your company’s personality without the need to depend on a real person.

Jacksonville Website Design Tips

Jacksonville Website Design Tips

Additionally, you can enjoy a very long marketing strategy with this technique as your new company faces never ages. Cereal companies are another master of this craft. Fruit Loops has used Toucan Sam as its company face for over a decade with success. You can emulate this technique to produce a long-lasting clientele base.

Online Discussion Areas

Forums are an awesome way to draw in new visitors and prove to them you are an industry leader. Forums provide excellent search results because of the use of specific key phrases. Additionally, a forum can help you to determine what your next content pages should include. By focusing your content on topics discussed heavily in your forum, you guarantee your company receives the search result rankings your desire.

Forums also provide you with user-generated content. This is by far some of the most valuable content you can gain. Aside from the fact that it always covers topics that your users have an interest in, it also builds to the overall content strategy you put forth. User-generated content is also called Web 2.0.

Jacksonville Web Design – eCommerce Tips pt2

Use these tips to further your success rate online. Your visitors and the search engines are guaranteed to respond positively to these changes. Consequently, you will start to see an increase in your click-through rates and your overall sales. Now you are ready to move on to the next stage – Jacksonville Web Design – eCommerce Tips pt3.

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