Anyone who has ever built a successful online business will tell you that it’s a time consuming and difficult undertaking that can require the help of skilled professionals. Luckily, the intuitive developers behind one of the largest online hosting platforms, GoDaddy recently released a suite of new products to make your journey to success easier. Savvy developers are always seeking smarter and more efficient ways to manage their websites. From design to traffic flow and marketing, there are so many aspects a developer must consider when creating a successful online presence.

Smart Recommendation Tool

Thankfully, GoDaddy now offers a revolutionary Smart Recommendation Tool. This tool guides entrepreneurs towards achieving their goals through an easy to follow step-by-step monitoring process. The new protocol provides developers with the marketing reach of the world’s largest search, social, and commerce platforms.

Official Launch

News of the new product launch officially broke at GoDaddy’s Entrepreneur Summit 2019 event. This conference was held in San Francisco this past September. Here, GoDaddy execs unveiled, what many developers consider as its most powerful toolset to date. GoDaddy executives claim it’s the only tool needed to manage an online presence.

New Support Tools

As part of GoDaddy’s new strategy, the firm recently launched a variety of other support tools. One of the most powerful of these new toolsets is the Websites + Marketing tool. This tool integrates directly into the easy-to-use website builder and provides access to a full suite of marketing tools.

These tools are designed to assist small businesses in every aspect of online marketing and business growth. Importantly, the new product allows for integrations with Amazon, Google, and Facebook.

GoDaddy Motivation

Speaking on the new functionality Lauren Antonoff, Head of Apps and Experiences explained the motive behind the maneuver. Antonoff described the market research that went into the products development. He stated that most business owners stress out attempting to “show up online.”

GoDaddy Adds New Features

GoDaddy Adds New Features

Antonoff described some of the frustration these website owners go through. They spend thousands building their websites and then they struggle to rank at all. The new strategy removes the mystery and unnecessary workload from gaining true visibility online.

GoDaddy InSight

Another powerful tool added to the platform is the GoDaddy InSight section. This section helps business owners with their overall online business planning. InSight guides site owners through a personalized action guide to success. The program provides excellent results and is far more efficient than grasping at straws of information from various plugins.

Results Don’t Lie

During the initial testing of the product, the advantages became stunningly clear. Small business owners beta testing the new product reported, on average, an 18% revenue increase. Additionally, firms saw a 23% increase in new customers.

Time Saver

One of the most important metrics used to judge the success of the new functionalities is time consumption. Beta testers reported saving about an hour each day in having to deal with their website and marketing. In part, these time savings can be attributed to the smart layout of the new product. Doubling website traffic information with SEO tools allows business owners to better gauge their next maneuvers.

Insight Scoring System

Now, GoDaddy users gain access to the Insight Scoring System. This protocol provides your website with an online score. This score is a reflection of your progress in your particular industry. Basically, online performance scores are a comparison to similar businesses in your respective industry.

Importantly, these scores adjust over time as you complete different items from their action plan. In this manner, business owners can remain on track with their web optimization goals. Importantly, Insight allows businesses to benchmark their progress against similar firms.

Site Makeover

Perhaps one of the coolest new features GoDaddy added is the real-time site makeover feature. This new visualization tool can be found in the Websites + Marketing section.

Here, developers can try new web design features. It’s fast, simple, and personalized. Best of all, you can build your website to function flawlessly on both desktop and mobile devices.

Easier to Use

One of the most powerful aspects of this feature is the ability to switch your website theme without losing your content. Now you can see your website in 30+ different styles without the need to start over. In the past, developers would lose much of their content whenever the theme of a website was changed.

Now, you can change the look of your site while keeping their content. This is a huge bonus feature because it allows business owners to nail down the best design possible through trial and error.

GoDaddy Websites + Marketing

Any successful online business owner will tell you that having a positive social media presence is important. GoDaddy agrees and that is why the firm added a section that is entirely dedicated to these tasks.

Now you can integrate your website directly into Facebook, Yelp, Instagram, and Google My Business. In this way, you can respond to customer reviews from within the Websites + Marketing section.

Social Media Marketing is a Full-Time Job

GoDaddy understands that if you want to keep your social media platforms updated with current information it can take serious time out of your day. Additionally, it’s a huge workload that can cost businesses a significant amount of funding to keep up-to-date. The new features added to the platform simplify the entire process with one point of access.

GoDaddy is in Tune

Through a combination of intuitive SEO, social media, design and email marketing tools, GoDaddy seeks to help anyone build an online presence to be reckoned with. These latest developments show that the platform is in tune with the needs of today’s eCommerce sector.

GoDaddy Moving Forward

You can expect to see the effects of these remarkable features in the coming weeks as more businesses start using the add-ons. For now, GoDaddy has raised the bar across the entire market.