Learning how to transform valuable content into traffic is an important part of turning your web presence into a lucrative investment.  Eventually, every savvy business owner makes the important leap into the online community.   Although, The vast majority of business owners already have a website.  There is a big difference between owning a website and owning a web business. Is your website generating the revenue you would like to see on a consistent basis?  To make a successful web business you need to understand a few things about how your website is ranked and how people purchase items online.

Deliver the Best Content Possible

Every business owner knows they need a website to deliver information about their products and services.  Most websites fall into this category. It’s helpful to have this type of site. However, the ideal website will provide your customers with additional information and funnel new clientele into your sales

The reason many business owners have a website and not a web business is that they lacked a traffic building strategy.  A traffic building strategy is essential in creating a robust and quality experience for your visitors.  Nothing will build traffic to your website faster than new content.  The more you post high-quality content, the more you will rank.  It sounds pretty obvious but let’s take a deeper look at this scenario.

How to Turn Website Traffic Into Money

The average company website list products, and about us, and a contact us page.  Although these pages may have relevant information in regards to your company it will probably be viewed as skewed considering you are the only source of this information.  By creating a helpful and informative blog you can naturally build long-lasting traffic.  The more helpful the information you provide to your visitor, the more presold they become.

Generating $ from Web Traffic

Generating $ from Web Traffic

Localize Your Content

For example, If I have a website selling auto parts, it may be difficult for people to find me online searching for such broad keywords as auto parts and because of this I may enjoy a sale every so often given my low traffic yield.  Now if the same website had an in-depth blog on choosing the best alternator, how to install a new alternator, and 5 common mistakes people make when choosing an alternator you would not only start seeing visitors from around the world but you would also have presold visitors eager to purchase your products.

The science behind this is as follows; when you take a Spanish class at your school you purchase the book that is required for the curriculum.   You purchase this book even though you know it is not as effective assay Rosetta stone and probably cost more money.  The reason you purchased this book is that you are planning to follow the curriculum.  To translate this to your website, your content is your curriculum.  The more helpful and interesting you make your content the more you will be able to make subtle suggestions that will be interpreted as purchases.

How to Turn Valuable Content Into Money

People online who use your information and get the desired results are going to be more likely to follow your curriculum, exactly, including product recommendations.  Google and your visitors desire the same exact thing.  Valuable content.  You need to make valuable content the most important part of your companies traffic building strategy to guarantee you have a successful online transition.

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