An experienced Jacksonville website designer knows that there are many different strategies that one can employ to give a website better search results. In fact, these strategies also work to improve your click-through-rate from visitors and consequently, your sales. Follow these steps to avoid creating an empty eCommerce site. 

Image Boosters with Instagram – Jacksonville Web Developer 

The old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” never rang truer than in today’s social media dominated markets. The great news is that you can use these platforms to push your product sales to the next level. Platforms such as Instagram allow you to showcase photos of your products in any way you desire. 

Importantly, you can show your products in action. Use shots are a great way to help your visitors visualize your concepts in motion. You can also incorporate user-submitted product reviews. In this scenario, you want to seek out an influencer. 

Influencers are social media accounts with a substantial following. Instagram is full of these promoters. Sending a free product to an influencer for review is a solid way to get some honest feedback on your products. Influencers can put your products in front of millions of viewers, all for much cheaper than traditional marketing methods.  

Try Stores on Multiple Platforms – Jacksonville Website Design 

Nowadays, it’s not enough to just sell your products on one eCommerce platform. You will see more sales when you utilize a multi-platform approach to the market. Ecommerce platforms such as Amazon and eBay are obvious first choices. These are the dominate eCommerce platforms in the sector. 

Don’t stop your product placement at just two major platforms. Today, you can seek out more clientele on product sites such as Etsy. Even the social media giant, Facebook opened an online marketplace this year. Facebook’s marketplace is incredibly powerful because it allows you to wrap your products into your social media presence. 

Optimize Your Email Capture – Jacksonville Website Design 

As a business owner, you probably know that you need to create an email marketing list from your current clientele. An email marketing list opens the doors for numerous direct marketing strategies covered in these tips. You can increase the number of subscribers you have with a few simple tweaks. 

Jacksonville Website Design - Email Marketing

Jacksonville Website Design – Email Marketing

An excellent strategy to get more emails from clients is to offer a promotion or discount for their information. Many companies offer some free digital products such as an exclusive eBook. Finally, don’t forget to conduct testing to improve your results after each campaign. 

Email Newsletter – Jacksonville Web Developer 

Newsletters are another amazing way to keep in contact with your clients. Be sure to drop a new newsletter every week or month to keep your visitors interested. Use your newsletter to share exclusive content and promotions.  

Newsletters are an excellent place to provide users with unusual content and personal messages. This personalization can help to break down sales boundaries put up by your customers. You can even use your newsletter to share insightful interviews with your providers, staff, or designers. 

Wishlist Reminders – Jacksonville Website Design 

Another great way to spur some online sales is to remind people of their wishlist. Studies have shown that most online shoppers never complete the sale of items they leave in their wishlists. Sending a friendly reminder helps these visitors to rekindle their love for your products.  

Combine your wish lists reminders with some personalized marketing strategies and you will see a significant increase in wishlist items selling. If possible, time these reminders with birthdays and other important dates to your clients. In this manner, you come across as a caring friend simply reminding your clients to finish the purchase process 

Reduce Steps for People to Get What They Want 

Reducing the steps between the moment your visitors enter your site and the point were they can make a purchase is a smart way to improve your business system. Complicated checkout systems often get left unfulfilled.  

Avoid this common mistake by allowing some of your best customers to walk through your checkout process. Use their feedback to see exactly where you can streamline the purchase. In many instances, you will discover that you can remove a checkout step. 

Entice Customers to Make Product Reviews – Jacksonville Web Developer 

Product reviews are one of the most powerful tools in your sales arsenal. A good client review is as good as gold. Always attempt to garnish as many ratings and reviews as possible. These reviews provide your products with instant credibility. 

A good review can be very convincing to a potential client. You need to reward those clients that take the time to give you positive reviews. One way of doing so is with a slight discount. You can even provide those that do reviews on your site with some sort of badge or VIP status. 

Free Marketing Options – Jacksonville Website Designer

By far, one of the most expensive parts of operating a successful eCommerce platform is marketing. Marketing costs can spiral out of control if not checked frequently. While many business owners are aware of the multitude of marketing options available to them, few take advantage of all of the free options at their disposal. 

For example, every industry has some major blogs associated with it. These blogs are a treasure trove of potential clients. Locate a blog that writes about your industry and add your know-how.  

Jacksonville Website Designer - Forum

Jacksonville Website Designer – Forum

You may find that the large blogs are just too busy to get the attention you desire. When this is the case, you want to focus your attention on smaller blogs. Smaller blogs provide you with more opportunities to shine. Additionally, your posts won’t get lost in the sea of knowledge found on major forums. 

Talk to Your Visitors – Jacksonville Web Developer 

You need to provide your clients with as many ways as possible to contact you. For example, businesses that are more responsive to their social media accounts see way more effective marketing campaigns than those who let comments and questions linger for weeks. 

Never underestimate the power of a live chat module. Many visitors prefer to speak to a live person when they have questions. A live chat module provides you with the best opportunity to respond in an efficient manner. It also gives you the power to help steer your potential clients into more purchases.  

Ratings in Discussion Areas – Jacksonville Web Developer 

If you have a website that has a forum, you should consider integrating some form of ratings. Let your visitors earn badges for participation. Watch as more and more decide to become active in the conversation.  

Forums are an awesome way to find out exactly what the main concerns are surrounding your industry or products. You can even take the best participants and make them official moderators to your forum. In this manner, you transform your platform into a knowledge base. 

Jacksonville Website Designer Tips 4 

These tips are tried and true methods to increase your eCommerce results. Choose the strategies that best fit your business model and watch as more clicks start to emerge. Remember, building a Jacksonville website is different than producing a revenue-generating eCommerce platform. Use these steps to take your website and transform it into an online money-making machine. 

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