monthly website backups and maintenance

shopping cart and product carousel slider updates


1 free update a month to upgrade your website 

full antivirus monitoring and configuration 

site functionality and page speed check


free consultations and direct contact with the developer

The many reasons why websites go down:

  • Hosting expires
  • DNS Change
  • htaccess problems
  • SSL expires
  • Antivirus problems
  • Database changes
  • Domain expires
  • website code change
  • plugin/removal/crash/update
  • mixed content
  • media problems cannot guarantee that the functions contained in any web page, templates, or a completed website, will remain error-free. That’s why we offer website insurance. MyWebAlien does not hold liability to Website owners, or any third-party for damages, also including lost profits.

We have had a lot of customers from other companies lose their website without notice, communication or help. At MyWebAlien we don’t let that happen in any way. You’re guaranteed a whole new website if that happens. 

That’s the MyWebAlien Guarantee.

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