This week, the web hosting giant GoDaddy announced an official integration with the WooCommerce platform. The integration creates a host of new opportunities for users. Also, it allows WordPress clients a more simplistic way to get their products online.The new integration comes after a decade of stellar market performance from all the companies involved. GoDaddy executives explained that maneuver allows the platform to further support developers. Notably, the new process reduces the entire set up process considerably.

Removes WooCommerce Integration Technical Barriers

Also, the integration removes the technical barriers that previous builders needed to deal with. In total, the entire setup process was reduced to three easy steps. Prior to the integration, developers needed to go through an extra procedure. Removing the step reduced the number of set-up screens by 70-percent.

Automated One-Step Solution

The new partnership combines the security of GoDaddy hosting, with the easy setup of WooCoommerce, WordPress, and a host of feature extensions. This simplistic approach to the market is sure to drive new clientele to these platforms in a major way.

WooCommerce Parent Firm Automattic via Twitter

WooCommerce Parent Firm Automattic via Twitter


Following the WordPress design, users can choose from a wide selection of pre-populated templates. Templates allow businesses to streamline the entire process. Additionally, this strategy lets developers envision the finished webpage prior to entering their own data.

Ahead of the Competition

Speaking on the integration, Patrick Pulvermüller, SVP & GM of Global Hosting at GoDaddy explained how the new setup is light years ahead of the competition. He described how the new system provides the highest level of efficiency available in the market today. Lastly, he praised the WooCommerce platform for its market accomplishments.

Matt Mullenweg, the co-founder of WordPress and founder and CEO of WooCommerce parent company, Automattic, spoke on the “tremendous opportunity” that the integration provides WordPress users. He also touched on Automattic’s overall strategy to “democratize publishing and commerce.”

GoDaddy Clients Get WooCommerce Perks

GoDaddy clients receive additional perks such as free access to some of the best WooCommerce extensions. These premium extensions would cost other users almost $2000. Additionally, users get access to a free SSL. Best of all, the SSL is auto-managed, so you don’t need any technical understanding to integrate it.


Originally, GoDaddy entered the market in 1997 as Jomax Technologies. Since its inception, the firm continues to expand its positioning. Today, GoDaddy is one of the largest hosting platforms in the market. According to company representatives, the firm has around 19 million customers globally.


WooCommerce entered the market in 2011 with the goal to simplify the eCommerce sector. The company’s strategy to focus on small and medium businesses paid off greatly. Today, WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce engine for WordPress users.

WooCommerce – Next Level

The eCommerce sector continues to experience record growth on a yearly basis. Platforms such as WooCommerce help drive this market to new heights. Now, developers have a more user-friendly option to consider.