As a Jacksonville website developer its important to understand that your clients need results. Building a successful online business takes time, experience, and funding. To ensure that you get the results that you desire, you need to go above and beyond the competition. Here are some tips to keep you Jacksonville websites ranking high on the search engine results and your visitors engaged.

Delivery Options

Your delivery options are as important as your product pages. Companies such as Amazon thrive off the fact that they offer customers expedite delivery options. While you may never be able to deliver as fast as Amazon does, you still need your delivery options to be better than your competition. One way to accomplish this task is to provide visitors with multiple delivery companies to choose from.

Another awesome way to get your clients excited is to do a delivery drawing. In this scenario, you reward one lucky customer with expedited delivery. Since the contest is random, it helps to market your firm and add excitement to the purchase. Also, random winners are more likely to give you a great review.  You can also provide express delivery to your most valued customers.

Basically, you need your company to stand out in terms of delivery. Examine your current delivery process and see in what ways you can speed up the delivery process. You may find that offering local Jacksonville pick-up options is another way to get your clients motivated to make a purchase.

Local Branding and Marketing

One of the best ways to edge out your competition is to localize your strategy. When you localize your branding and marketing, you gain an important edge in the minds of your visitors. People are more likely to spend money with those they relate to. Showcase your locality. One easy way to do this is by sponsoring a local sports team or event. Let your visitors know that you are a contributing member of the community and you will gain their respect.

Jacksonville Website Developer Marketing Tips

Jacksonville Website Developer Marketing Tips

Another awesome way to integrate a local marketing strategy is with a connection to a brick and mortar store. You can use technology such as geolocation tools or NFC to reach out to your visitors when they are in the area. Make your partnership beneficial for your visitors by incorporating some bonus for those that make the trip. Be sure to document the entire event and post the photos to your social media accounts. You can even tag those that you know.

Diversify Your Automated Marketing Techniques

One of the best things about automated follow-ups is the fact that it frees up your own time to focus on other pending business matters. While you probably have an email marketing list and website, there are ways to make your automated emails and texts more impactful.

One of the best ways to improve your automated marketing strategy is to start sending birthday specials to your clients. They will be impressed that you remembered their bday. You can use this technique on a lot of other days as well. Anniversaries, special moments, and achievements all give you an opportunity to market to your clients without sounding thirsty.

FAQ Pages – Jacksonville Website Developer

FAQ pages are the page on your website that answers the most commonly answered questions you encounter. The more detailed your FAQ page is, the more your clients will respect and trust your judgment. Make sure that your answers are direct but also provide a bit of your company’s personality to the mix.

One of the best ways to find what questions to put on your FAQ page is by going to forums and finding the most populated posts. These posts are traffic generating pages that contain the knowledge people need. Converting a Forum post into a page allows you to target your visitors more effectively than any other method.

More Photos in Your Content

You should never underestimate the power of keyword-focused images. For one, pages with images are more likely to receive a click on links. Additionally, visitors are more likely to read through the content. Your photos should be relevant to the discussion. In this manner, they will enhance your content to the next level.

Use a combination of crisp stock photos and your own professional photos. The combination of these two types of photos will give your business a global appeal without making you seem to corporate. Personalized photos provide your visitors with a truly unique experience. One-of-a-kind photos are likely to be shared and favorited by your users.

Jacksonville Website Developer Design Tips

Jacksonville Website Developer Design Tips

Google images are the second-largest referral of Jacksonville website traffic behind the actual search results. The more content-focused images you have on your page, the faster your page will get spidered and show up in the search results.

Always remember to keep your images relevant. Every image needs to be saved with your pages keyword in the title. This will help focus the content of your pages and help the search engines confirm that you provide interesting and helpful content.

Media Outlets – Jacksonville Website Developer

Another effective way to get more clientele is to create a media outlet. In the past, it was insanely expensive to produce a TV show and offer it to your clients. Nowadays, you can create short informative YouTube videos to accompany your webpages. These videos can provide your website with a much-needed confirmation. This strategy allows you to become an authority figure in your sector.

If you have more funding and want to really focus on your local market, you can always start a quarterly magazine. Combine the content in the magazine with your website and videos to create a complete media ecosystem for your visitors.

Start an Industry News Blog

Starting an industry news blog is one of the most powerful ways to improve your online business. Firstly, you get the chance to share powerful and cutting edge content ideas with your visitors. They will enjoy getting the most up-to-date content from your site. In this way, you will help train your visitors to always come back to find more info.

Be sure to break the news down to a local level. This means that you want to take the most important stories and explain them to your culture. This perspective will give your visitors something they can’t find anywhere else.

Don’t Shy from Controversial Topics

This strategy takes some skill to pull off but when done correctly, it works amazing. Basically, don’t only put the good news up for your industry. On occasion, and very selectively, let a story get posted that points out the controversial or problematic sides of your industry.

For example, if you won a nightclub. Don’t only post positive articles about the nightlife in your city. Maybe post one article every couple of months discussing the issues the city has with the bar area. This will get the attention of your reader. In most instances, they will be so moved by the gesture that they will comment against the article. Consequently, this is a comment for your industry and ultimately your business.

Pay Per Click Marketing

By far one of the easiest ways to get more traffic to your website is to use a pay-per-click service. Google AdSense is a perfect example of a company that allows you to outrank the competition in your selective industry simply by paying per each individual click.

Depending on your industry, you may find that the pay-per-click services are relatively cheap. If this is the case, you can choose to run numerous campaigns across multiple platforms. This strategy allows you to monitor the results and focus on the best one.

Reddit – Jacksonville Website Developer

If you have never heard of Reddit, it is one of the largest online forums in the world. Reddit has discussions on nearly any topic. This website possesses vast amounts of helpful knowledge and industry innovators, influencers, and clients.

Reddit is smart because it also offers advertising. This means you can get your product or services directly in front of active users. Additionally, you can find the subreddits that cater to your industry and begin answering questions. After you have built up trust, you can then start referring to your website. The cool thing here is that if your website is in your bio, most people will click it to see how you became so knowledgeable.

Upsell Your Products with Class

Upselling is an artform. You never want to just beat your visitors down with pop up sales offers. This is borderline offensive to some people. Also, it will cheapen your product and lower your trustworthiness. Instead, provide up-sales using a smooth approach.

Use a blog to describe a situation in which the additional products proved helpful. Demonstrate the value of the up-sale without directly telling the visitors to buy, buy, buy. For example, if you owned a skincare line, you could do a write up on celebrity beauty techniques. In the write-up, you could correlate your products to those used by the stars. This tells your visitor you have high-quality products in a way that doesn’t raise any defense.

Jacksonville Website Developer Tips – Part 3

Each of these tips can get your company in the top rankings in your industry. You should evaluate each one and see what strategy fits your current business status the best. Once you have marked the techniques you like, then you are ready to layout your implementation chart.