No Content – Top 5 Mistakes New Website Owners Make

When comes to driving traffic to your website, nothing is going to generate more than high-quality content.  Your website needs to be filled with valuable information for many reasons.  By providing quality content your visitors read, scroll, and copy more information.  All of this is registered by Google Analytics and as a result of this, you will see significantly better ranking.  When Google spiders a page it registers the total word count, this is used to help determine the amount of valuable information provided.  For example, a 100-page website on LED lighting will get a much better ranking when compared to a 2-page LED website.  All of this comes down to Google Adsense.  When a visitor reads high-quality content that is stimulating it produces a pre-sale mentality in their mind.  Google knows that you are more likely to click on an Adsense ad during these periods.  Essentially Google and your visitor desire the exact same thing.

No Images – Top 5 Mistakes New Website Owners Make

Adding images to your website can improve your visitor’s experience.  Content keyword images should be used to break up the monotony of large parts of the text.  By placing images in your text that accentuate your points, you improve your readability and increase your chances of search queues finding your website.  Google images are the 2cd largest referrer of traffic to your website and naming your images similar to your keyword helps Google to see that they are relevant to your content.  This all means more free traffic to your website.

Web Traffic

Web Traffic

Out of Date Layout

Your website needs to have a look that recent.  Your web image is as important if not more important than your actual location.  You want your visitors to be able to take full advantage of the features of your website and you should always have your website formatted for mobile viewers as well.  The number of mobile devices surfing the net continues to grow every day.

Bad Host – Top 5 Mistakes New Website Owners Make

To comprehend what makes one web host better than another you need to understand the different types of hosting and how they can affect your page speed and therefore your Google ranking.

Private Server – This was the original method of hosting your website.  There are some distinct advantages with this style of hosting.  Because you own this style of a server, you can upgrade it to be as fast as you want and you can also store as much data as you desire without paying extra fees.  The downside of this style of a server is also very unique.  For one the overall start-up cost of this style of hosting dwarfs the other techniques in price and space required.  You will also need to understand HTML and other programming languages to build your website efficiently.

Shared Server –

When this style of hosting was introduced to the marketplace, it revolutionized how people host their websites.  For the first time, you could buffer the cost of equipment by simply renting a small space on another companies server.  This is particularly helpful because the majority of websites do not require anywhere near as much storage space as a server can hold and all of that unused space can now be turned into potential profit. The downside is your server is still restricted by its location and depending upon where your visitors originate from this could require numerous network jumps to deliver your website smoothly.  These added network jumps can reduce the load time of your website significantly, reducing your search engine ranking.

Cloud Server –

Cloud servers are designed to mitigate the number of networks your data has to go through by saving your information in redundancy on multiple servers.  These “cloud” servers work together to deliver your web content more effectively.  If one server is running slowly, the other servers will engage and provide parts of your web data simultaneously.  This will increase your page speed and your visitor’s overall experience.

CDN Server –

This is the most advanced style of hosting.  It is similar to the cloud hosting strategy as your website’s data are stored in redundancy at multiple locations.  The main difference between these styles of hosting is how your data is retrieved.  A CDN network will use your analytics data to see where the majority of your traffic originates from.  Once this information is obtained a CDN server will automatically store your website’s data on servers close to where your traffic comes from.

Now that you fully understand how to avoid the 5 most common mistakes new website owners make, you are ready to sit down and start planning out your sitemap.  Remember always keep your visitors and your traffic pattern in mind.  This will help you to give your online business an effective strategy to pre-sell your visitors.  Building an online business takes a bit more time when compared to building a website but the added investment can pay off by delivering you a highly effective revenue-generating online business.