The eCommerce sector just got a little more competitive thanks to the most recent Google Shopping upgrade. In the past, Google has fallen behind other major tech firms in the online sales sector. Now, the firm is ready to regain lost ground with the release of its latest Shopping update.

The new Google experience is far more familiar than its predecessor. In fact, users may recognize many of the new features from other eCommerce platforms such as Amazon. Developers completely revamped the Google Shopping experience to provide you with a host of new functionalities.

Challenge Amazon

Google desires to one day challenge Amazon in the eCommerce sector. To do so the firm must present opportunities for retail brands that aren’t available on Amazon. If successful, the strategy should bring about stronger competition between these two conglomerates. This competition is healthy in the sector and could spur further innovation.

The Google Shopping upgrade was first seen in France earlier this year. This month the new platform officially rolled out across the US. Importantly, developers provided no word yet on when other countries would gain access to the upgraded shopping experience.


As part of the upgrade, users will now receive product recommendations. These personalized product recommendations display as you browse through the new Google Shopping homepage. In addition to a more personalized shopping experience, the platform employs some unique functions only available via Google Shopping.

Price Tracking

The price-tracking feature allows you to tag items for price comparisons. The protocol automatically notifies you when a retailer drops its prices for a particular product you desire.

Google Shopping Experience Upgraded

Google Shopping Experience Upgraded

Local Product Searches

Perhaps one of the most unique features provided by the upgrade is the ability to search specific retailers or products in their local area. Google has long been a proponent for localization. Now the firm plans to utilize its lead in this sector to better personalize your local shopping experience.

Instant purchases

Instant purchases are another advanced feature added to the platform. This feature allows users to buy products directly from the Google Shopping search query without visiting the retailers’ websites. This strategy creates a frictionless sales experience for the shopper.

According to recent reports, only around 22% of consumers are satisfied with the amount of personalization eCommerce brands offer. Additionally, 49% of consumers have bought unexpected items due to personalization.

The power of personalized marketing can’t be overstated. Amazon’s AI-powered recommendation engine is responsible for no less than 35% of the company’s total revenue. Additionally, personalized shoppers are 44% more likely to become repeat buyers.

Online Retailers

The developers behind this innovative upgrade hope that Google Shopping is a better selling tool for online retailers. Since users can now buy products directly from Google the entire shopping experience is streamlined.

Google Wants it All

This latest Google Shopping upgrade showcases the ability of this mega-firm to adjust to the current market situation in a timely manner. Now, Google can utilize its deep understanding of its user’s habits to provide online retailers with a strong recommendation to potential buyers. You can expect to see these algorithms improve as Google continues to sharpen its skills.