As a designer, you must understand the importance of creating a website that is both attractive and functional. Your design should draw visitors in and guide them to your products and services. Here are a few tips to help you achieve this goal.

Keep it Simple – Attractive Website

Keeping it simple is the way to go. Research has shown that a minimalistic website layout is more productive in most instances. There are a couple of reasons for the added efficiency. For one, your visitors won’t get burnt out from your pages.

The last thing you want is your visitors to get bombarded with opening windows, flashing lights, or auto-play videos. While all of these features are powerful when used correctly, when a new visitor arrives is not the best time for these tools.

Tips for making an Attractive Website

Tips for making an Attractive Website

You need to welcome your visitor with a clean and concise layout. All the information they desire should be presented in an easy to find and follow format. In this manner, you can better present your overall message or product.

Choose a Balanced Color Scheme – Attractive Website

Choosing the right color scheme for your website is a critical step in developing a successful online image. Your color scheme should reflect your brand. Additionally, you want to keep your color scheme throughout the entirety of your website.

Use very bright colors sparingly. These colors are the perfect way to draw attention to an important offer or message on your website. Importantly, too much bright colors can make your website tiring to the eye. This is why the majority of websites tend to stick with a white background.

Research your color scheme to see what physiological responses your colors emit. In this way, you can better your chances of motivating users to purchase. Also, check out some of the most popular brands and websites to see color schemes that proved to be effective.

Use Vibrant Images – Attractive Website

Images are one of the most powerful tools in a web designer’s arsenal. Not only do images make your webpage more engaging, but they also help you to reach an international crowd. Think about it. Images can be understood regardless of your culture.

Importantly, images are much easier to process. When your brain reads any text, it needs to decipher the characters, then the words, message, and overall context. All of these steps can make a website with nothing but text a bit overwhelming. Help your visitors better relate by using relevant photos.

Images on Social Media

Social media is one of the best ways to get your company’s products in front of potential buyers. Use sharp images to improve your click rate when sharing articles, blogs, or products from your webpage.

Page Speed

Always compress your images before you upload them to your webpage. You don’t want an image that is so big that it causes your page to load slowly. This will likely make your visitor disengage with your web content.

Attractive Website Tips

Stick to these tips for making an attractive website and you are sure to see success. Show your visitors a clear path to the action you require, and you are guaranteed to see a better response.